We have chosen here a few works and chapters of books as a synthetic presentation of the Buddhist Christianity, which is one of the main aspects of the  message given to the world by Dr. Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland, her great work companion. These works are complete in the Site Anna Kingsford. Below you have the links to the selected books and chapters:

•   Chapter with the 8th Lecture of the book The Perfect Way; or, the Finding of Christ. Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland. Fifth edition, edited with aditions and a long biographical preface, by Samuel Hopgood Hart: London, John M. Watkins, 1923. 405 pp. This is the main work of the “New” Gospel of Interpretation, where we can find the main information about the Buddhist Christianity, which is given mainly in the 8th Lecture.

The Living Truth in Christianity. Bertram McCrie. London, John M. Watkins: 21 Cecil Court, Charing Cross Road, 1915. 43 pp. Although this little book was not written by Anna Kingsford or Edward Maitland, it was written as an introduction to the message of these two prophet-souls. And in relation to the subject of Buddhist Christianity we recomend the Chapter IX where this subject is treated.

•   Chapter IX of the above mentioned book The Living Truth in Christianity, by Bertram McCrie, where the subject of the union of Buddhism and Christianity is synthetically treated.

•   A Roda e a Cruz: Uma Introdução ao Cristianismo Budista (The Wheel and the Cross: an Introduction to Buddhist Christianity). Arnaldo Sisson Filho, with Viviane Pereira. This text is still in Portuguese language. Nevertheless, since it is the only complete work dedicated exclusively to the Buddhist Christianity we decided to add it to this selection.

•   Glimpses of a True Catholic Religion (The Buddhist Christianity). Arnaldo Sisson Filho. This booklet, still in the Portuguese language, contains a brief introduction to the subject of the unity of the two traditions of Buddhism and Christianity.

The Recover of  Buddhist Christianity: The Relevance of Dr Anna Kingsford’s Message. Brasília, Roda e Cruz, 2010. 164 pp. This book, also still in the Portuguese language, is complete in the Site Anna Kingsford.